10/5/2022 SEC Cracks Down on Multimillion Crypto Ponzi Targeting Latino Investors
11/1/2022 Kenner police warns of cryto currency scam
12/14/2022 SEC investigating Houston crypto company for allegedly running a Ponzi scheme
12/14/2022 Latino families claim they were targeted, scammed out of millions by CryptoFX LLC
12/14/2022 Latino families say they were scammed out of millions by a Houston-based crypto company
12/14/2022 Latino Houstonians say they've fallen victim to an alleged Ponzi scheme under SEC investigation
12/14/2022 CryptoFX, LLC is reportedly under SEC investigation for Ponzi scheme
12/15/2022 Hundreds of Latinos claim their money for alleged scam with cryptocurrencies
1/14/2023 CRYPTOFX: Mauricio Chávez, accused of multi-million dollar fraud, now held in civil contempt
1/18/2023 A request is filed in Chicago for the Illinois Prosecutor's Office to open a criminal file on CryptoFX
1/18/2023 Chicago Latinos Say They Were Lured Into Investing in a Ponzi Scheme
1/18/2023 Hispanics ask for justice before alleged scam of cryptocurrency company
1/23/2023 Landscaper turned ‘trading expert’ accused of stealing $12 million from hopeful investors
1/29/2023 Thousands of families went bankrupt and now denounce the investment pyramid that promised them big and fast profits